Medicine balls are one of the most straightforward and versatile pieces of gym equipment that athletes of every level use to improve endurance, balance, coordination and core strength. The medicine ball is a well-crafted fitness tool that is a gym must-have. It is cheap and works very well for any number of workout combinations. 

Morgan sports medicine balls are high-quality and have been tested by thousands of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, commercial gyms and sports clubs in Australia and worldwide. Morgan fitness medicine ball is a highly sturdy rubber construction that can bounce off any hard surface but keeps its shape after repeated and rough use. It also has a textured exterior to ensure better grip and control.

Although medicine ball equipment does not take up a lot of space, buying multiple medicine ball sets means you'll need medicine ball storage. At Bodywize Fitness Solutions, we have various medicine ball storage options, including slam ball racks, multi-purpose storage systems, and endurance storage racks. 


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